Inglewood’s 1010 Wine and Events shines light on Black-owned wines

Owners Leslie Jones and LeAnn Jones have worked together to merge their talents into one profitable business model

Entertainment and sports attractions are making Inglewood, California a highly desired destination for young professionals. 1010 Wine and Events, which recently opened in Inglewood, is owned by two sisters who understand the need to destress from the demands of a busy life. 

For Leslie Jones and LeAnn Jones, working together to merge their talents into one profitable business model has been a dream come true. They were able to go into business together because they both understand their role and they trust each other. 

(Credit: Tina Sampay)

“We literally have not had a slow night since we opened,” said Leslie. “We have been booked and busy. The community has definitely come out to show support.”

Whether you need a space for a babyshower, birthday party or something work-related like a fundraiser, 1010 Wine and Events is the perfect place to host your event. Patrons are introduced to an array of over 90% Black-owned wines that are not offered in local grocery stores.

They also have a menu curated by Chef Kendra, owner of Swift Cafe on Crenshaw Boulevard.

Leslie brings her background in hospitality and event planning to 1010 Wine and Events, while her sister, LeAnn, provides her love of wine, which she discovered in law school. 

“I deal with all things wine and the logistics, the behind the scene stuff,” LeAnn shared. “Since Leslie is still an event planner, she deals with all things events and the design aspects that make 1010 look pretty.”

LeAnn says the wine space is getting better at being inclusive, but it is often intimidating for those who are new to the world of wine. Spaces for Black wine lovers is also limited, especially in Los Angeles County. 

It was important to the sisters that 1010 Wine and Events was upscale, and felt welcoming to those who are not necessarily wine connoisseurs. 

“You don’t want to pronounce anything wrong or you don’t necessarily want to ask any questions to seem as though you are not knowledgeable about the topic,” LeAnn shared. “I wanted a place where you still had a respect for wine and the history of it, but you are also able to relax in those conversations.”

(Credit: Tina Sampay)

Leslie and LeAnn pride themselves on maintaining a level of excellence in business, being that they are natives of the community. 

One of the aspects the sisters enjoy the most about 1010 Wine and Events is not only serving wine, but telling their customers the stories behind some of the wine they carry.

“We carry the McBride Sisters, which is the largest Black-owned wine company in the country,” Leslie shared. “They are sisters but they didn’t grow up with each other, one grew up in New Zealand and the other California. They stimulated their relationship over wine and they ended up making their own wine. It is an incredible story.”

1010 Wine and Events is off to a great start, but they had to persevere through the process, like many business owners who open their doors. Their advice to other local African Americans who want to go into business for themselves but feel intimidated is to stay the course and tap into your resources.

“Don’t compare yourself to what other people are doing,” said Leslie. “There is a multi-billion dollar stadium that opened a few miles from here with two wine bars. If we let that discourage us, we wouldn’t be opening this.”

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