28 Days of Black Movies: 10 quotables from ‘Boomerang’ that are still in rotation today

OPINION: ‘Boomerang’ was so culturally relevant and sticky that it changed the way I lived my life from ’92 ’til...

Halle Berry and Eddie Murphy in "Boomerang." (New Line Cinema)

Even though I was 12 going on 13 when Boomerang was released to theaters in July 1992, it managed to have a remarkable influence on my life. For one, it was the first time I can remember seeing an entirely Black workplace, one where the executives were Black, just like the mailroom, and those spaces mingled. I’m not sure if that planted a seed in my mind then, but normalizing Black workspaces is something I’m all about. 

Marcus Graham (Eddie Murphy) became an icon of sorts; I cannot tell you how many conversations I’ve had where Marcus Graham was name-dropped as professional goals. Folks wanted his house, his style, his success (though not the inevitable #MeToo drubbing he would undoubtedly catch at his pace; Lena Waithe’s BET show Boomerang—a spinoff that follows the son of Jacqueline Broyer and the daughter of Marcus and Angela Graham, who eventually got married—actually includes an episode that follows the fallout of Marcus Graham being #MeToo’d). Marcus Graham was goals. He had friends in Gerard and Tyler (Martin Lawrence and David Alan Grier, respectively), got the women and had a job that looked like it paid him a lot of money.

And Boomerang had the love triangle with Angela Lewis (Halle Berry) and Jacqueline Broyer (Robin Givens); iconic scenes—we’ll get to some of them that include folks I’ll mention; Chris Rock from the mailroom; Grace Jones in a role that you absolutely could not forget as Strangé; Eartha Kitt as Lady Eloise and the infamous, “Marrrrrrcus, I don’t have any panties on” line heard around the world. This movie featured a who’s who of Black actors during the time, and, I mean, it’s just awesome. Even John Canada Terrell took a break from recording his follow-up album as part of Flash and the Five Horseman to cart Lady Eloise around. It wasn’t well-received by critics back in 1992, and frankly, I think all of them were smoking the rocks Pookie (Rock) was smoking in New Jack City in 1991. 

If it isn’t obvious, I love Boomerang, and it’s not just because it’s a good movie—it is—it’s also because I say a lot of things, even today, because of this almost 30-year-old (!!!!) movie. I’d like to share some of them with you. Sharing is caring, you know.

1. “You’ve got to coordinate.” 

Rest in peace to John Witherspoon, who was on 10 during the entirety of his scenes in Boomerang; to wit, he improv’d ALL OF HIS LINES. He will feature a few times. Witherspoon played Mr. Jackson, Gerard’s dad, who is way cooler and more interesting than Gerard, who has been friend-zoned to the high heavens by Angela. Anyway, while they’re all at Thanksgiving dinner at Marcus’ house, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson show up in outfits that have been coordinated. The belt matches the inside of the suit jacket, etc. Point is, he told us all that we needed “to coordinate,” and I’ve been saying it like John Witherspoon since then. You probably do, too. 

2. “Reverse it; don’t be p—– whipped, whip that p—–!” 

Listen, I know this is a family show and whatnot, but I mean, classic lines are classic lines, once again delivered by the one and only John Witherspoon as Mr. Jackson. I’m just saying, when talking with the homies about a new love interest, this line is most assuredly being deployed. Let’s move on. 

Robin Givens and Eddie Murphy in “Boomerang.” (New Line Cinema)

3. “…I’m on time, most of the time, even when it rains!”

Bony T (played by Rock) had a few classic lines, but this one cracks me up and is something that I like to use when I’m running a few minutes late. True story, I have used this (and other lines from this and other movies) at my former place of employment because I knew they wouldn’t have any idea what I was referencing. I was always right. 

4. “First The Fat Boys break up, now this…”

Bony T couldn’t believe that Marcus was losing his “the man” status and had to let him know in terms that proved how unbelievable it was. Hell, I don’t know many folks who don’t use this statement. Even Jay-Z quoted it on the song “Ain’t No Love” from The Blueprint. 

5. “…love should have brought you home last night…”

My wife has never had to say this to me, for the record. Angela says this to Marcus, who admits to going to see Jacqueline after they had drinks. I like to use this one when talking to people about what they should do in any circumstance. If somebody tells me they love something, I like to tell them what love should have done. Also, the Toni Braxton song “Love Should Have Brought You Home” from the classic Boomerang soundtrack is a banger. 

6. “….I heard you say you’re sorry, you’re sorry, and you’re tired…”

Right after telling him love should have brought him home, Marcus says he’s sorry, and Angela lets off another clip. She was locked and loaded. And right. It’s a fun line to say to somebody who just apologized to you. 

7. “Kirby, Kirb-ster…”

Lela Rochon plays Christie, a woman Marcus kicks to the curb because of her toes because Marcus is so superficial, it’s disgusting. Well, to woo her in the first place, he pretends to have lost his dog “Kirby,” and Christie is so distraught that she insists that he call her to let her know he found Kirby. I like to yell Kirby when I’ve lost things and then say, “Kirby, Kirb-ster” when I’ve found it. 

8. “No one can resist this p——”

I don’t really say this often (or ever, really, unless I’m quoting this movie), but I couldn’t NOT include this line from Strangé when trying to understand why Marcus didn’t want to have sex with her. You’d be like, “Why didn’t you include that line?” Here you go.

9. “Not even if Jesus was pouring…”

Marcus said this to his neighbor, who was trying to smash during one of his vulnerable moments. She invited him over for coffee (and implied loving), and Marcus hit her with the line that I like to use when folks ask me to do things I just do not want to do.

There are others, but I’ll end with probably the most famous…

10. “I’m like Jet Magazine…”

I don’t even say the rest of the line (“…this is my mac daddy vibe I’m giving you—in all its splendor.” 

I do the cool Jet Magazine pose and let you know that I know that you know how fly I am. I say this one once a week. I’m going to go and say it to my wife now.

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