St. Louis police release bodycam footage of Jeremi Moore shooting

The body cam footage was released Tuesday, as part of a 26-minute "critical incident briefing."

The St. Louis County Police Department released body camera footage showing the harrowing moment officers fired 20 shots, killing Jeremi Moore in Ferguson, Missouri.

As reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the incident occurred on the night of Dec. 12, police responded to a 911 call about a man with a weapon near Beacon Avenue and Carson Road. Authorities claim they encountered Moore flashing a handgun that he fired at the officers.

Per KSDK, body camera footage of this portion of the encounter has not been provided.

Police release bodycam footage of Jeremi Moore shooting (Credit: YouTube screenshot)

The two Ferguson police officers who were fired upon were not injured. Still, they called for backup and several area departments responded, including the North County Police Cooperative and St. Louis County Police Department.

The body camera footage reportedly includes angles from multiple officers at the scene and the footage, released on YouTube, starts when two encounter Moore near a home on Tiffin Ave. They order him to show his hands after he allegedly fires the shots. Instead of complying, Moore flees behind the home and is spotted by police emerging from the other side.

They order Moore to show his hands, but instead, he fires at a North County Police Cooperative officer, who returns a single shot, police said. When other officers swarmed the yard, Moore, police said, was still armed with a handgun, prompting officers to fire a total of 20 times.

Moore died at the scene.

Police said they recovered a .40-caliber handgun about 10 feet from Moore, as well as a shell casing. Police claim they also retrieved a backpack at the scene that contained four boxes of ammunition for the gun and a large bag of marijuana, per the report. 

The St. Louis County Police Department released the body cam footage Tuesday, as part of a 26-minute “critical incident briefing.” The move follows a new mandate from the County Board of Police Commissioners aimed at being  “more transparent,” Sgt. Tracy Panus, told the Post-Dispatch, “and we’re trying to build that community relationship.”

The mandate calls for the release of body camera or dashboard camera footage within 45 days of a “critical incident” involving a county officer. A critical incident is when someone is killed or seriously injured by a member of law enforcement. 

“Failure to have a strong, clear policy in place, and one that leans toward transparency and release reasonably quickly after a controversial incident occurs, could have grave consequences for the department’s credibility and perception of transparency with the community,” said a report from Teneo, an outside consultant.

According to the report, Moore was fatally shot 65 days ago and the county shared the case under this new mandate.

The body camera footage is being released amid an investigation into the shooting, and before the case is turned over to the county prosecutor for review.

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