This is not a drill: The DAP GAP hoodie is back!

Missed your chance to cop the first DAP GAP drop? The brand is giving us a second chance on Tuesday with new colors and more Dapper Dan on deck.

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Don’t call it a comeback—though if anyone knows how to orchestrate a revival, it’s renaissance man Dapper Dan.

Since the Harlem-based design icon’s long-overdue return to the top of the fashion game several years ago, he’s been unstoppable; his enduring popularity well-proven by the fervor that arose over his first collaboration with Gap, the “DAP GAP” hoodie.

Dap x Gap
Photos: Gap

If you fell in love with the design, which replaced the iconic Gap arched logo with “Dap,” odds are you ended up heartbroken when the salmon-colored hoodie sold out within seconds earlier this month. But because Dap is always here for the culture, we’re getting another chance to cop the covetable hoodie with even more to love—more colors, that is.

Per a press release to theGrio, “Gap is thrilled to continue their collaboration with the legendary designer and bring the coveted DAP GAP hoodie to customers in even more colors.”

According to the brand, those colors are apparently “Golden,” “Deco Rose,” “Beach Blue,” and classic black, all of which have once again been modeled by Dap himself, and all of which will be available to pre-order at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET, Tuesday, March 29.

Photo: Gap

Yep, that’s TODAY—and if you’re wondering why a pre-order, presumably, it’s to ensure we all get our bot-free shot at a DAP GAP purchase this round. But with availability comes the need for patience; orders won’t ship until this summer, so don’t plan on rocking your DAP GAP goods this spring.

While that may be a bit disappointing, it’s a sales model that has worked well for Telfar as well as Gap’s other big collaborator, Yeezy, so it’s no surprise Gap is leveraging it with Dap, as well.

Will that gorgeous salmon color ever return, you rightly ask?

We’re holding out hope, but so far, sources tell theGrio only the new colors will be available for pre-order today. That said, the brand says the collaboration is ongoing, teasing “another, first-of-its-kind DAP GAP announcement later this week.”

For now, we suggest you set an alarm, open a tab to Gap’s website, and keep your fingers flexed and ready to secure your swag at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET 

Maiysha Kai is Lifestyle Editor of theGrio, covering all things Black and beautiful. Her work is informed by two decades’ experience in fashion and entertainment, a love of great books and aesthetics, and the indomitable brilliance of Black culture. She is also a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and editor of the YA anthology Body (Words of Change series).

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