On ‘PAUSE with Sam Jay,’ comedian faces her fear of death in season 2 finale

The season-ending episode of the late-night series drops Friday on HBO Max.

The second season of “PAUSE with Sam Jay” is coming to a close Friday night as the comedian rounds out a season of laughs, introspection and interviews by tackling her fear of death.

As theGrio previously reported, “PAUSE with Sam Jay” is the popular writer and comedian’s late-night show on HBO Max. Fusing her experience as a Black queer woman, current events and her specific brand of comedy, the series is described by HBO as “a new take on the late-night talk show format.” 

Comedian Sam Jay in a scene from “PAUSE with Sam Jay.” (Photograph by Macall Polay/HBO).

In each episode, Jay hosts a party at her apartment, while also using sketches, interviews and animation to dive into cultural conversations and issues.

In tonight’s finale, Jay tackles one of her biggest conversations yet: death. The preview for the finale shows her going through options of what to do with her body once she dies, from cremation to even being frozen.

“I’ve only seen death be a mess,” she says. “I just want it to be smooth and a plan. I’m at a place where I have a girl; I have a cat; I have an air fryer, you know?”

Earlier this year Jay sat down with theGrio’s Cortney Wills, breaking down her experiences and perceptions of homophobia within the Black community specifically. She said at the time, “I just think there is this idea that it is particularly hard to be Black and gay in the Black community, like they’ll shun you to the streets and somehow the white community is so much more open and accepting of this thing that we are just so ignorant and can’t wrap our heads around.” 

She added, “It’s just bulls–t! There’s a lot of homophobia in the white community, depending on where you go, and there is a lot of homophobia in the Black community, depending on where you go. It’s not particular to either; it is just a human condition.” Check out our full interview with Jay on theGrio’s YouTube channel.

The first two seasons are currently streaming on HBO Max.

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