Roc Nation executive reveals how Jay-Z motivates

In a recent interview, Dania Diaz shared what she learned from Jay-Z and working with his Team Roc squad to meet its goals.

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In a recent interview, theGrio’s Natasha S. Alford asked Dania Diaz, the managing director of Team Roc, what she learned during her time working with the Shawn Carter Foundation, in education and alongside superstar rap mogul, Jay-Z.

“Nothing is impossible,” Diaz said.

Dania Diaz emphasized that her work is a blessing because she believes in the idea that no goal is unattainable.

“It takes a lot of courage to be the first to walk through the door,” she maintained, “and sometimes you may get beaten down a bit, but if it opens the door for others, then it’s worth it.”

Diaz emphasized that being able to work with the team is a blessing because she believes, feels and lives in the thought that no goal is unattainable.

View her full response in the video above.

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