Seaport Boston and Black Owned Bos. team up for an innovative outdoor market

Check out Boston’s dynamic Seaport neighborhood to shop and experience 30 Black-owned businesses.

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Traditionally, when you hear mention of Boston, your thoughts may lead you to old America—and the Boston Tea Party, Massachusetts Bay Colony, and historic elite universities such as Harvard. In the present day, Boston’s Seaport neighborhood is elevating visitors past this old way of thinking to introduce a newly imagined contemporary district in a historic metropolis. Over the past month, it has also meant teaming up with Black Owned Bos. to elevate 30 Black-owned businesses in the Greater Boston area. 

Boston Seaport Black Owned
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Previously populated with parking lots backing the city’s financial district, Boston Seaport has become one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the country. WS Development became a retail development partner at Seaport Square in 2007. In 2016, they acquired another 12.5 acres along the Seaport Boulevard, now totaling 33 acres of land and 7.6 million square feet of retail, residential, hotel, office, entertainment, civic and cultural uses, as well as signature public open spaces creating a utopian district. 

Seaport is like no other district in the Greater Boston area. At each turn of a corner, there is a medley of things to do and experience including outdoor workout classes, the ICA museum, Okuda statues, art murals, park and harbor spaces (complete with sunscreen dispensers), free library bookcases, beer gardens, shopping, and the most delectable cuisine, all within a 20-block radius. One of its current highlights is the outdoor shopping market, a partnership with Black Owned Bos.

Black Owned Bos. (pronounced “boss) is a business service and consulting agency launched in 2019 as a platform to lift Black-owned businesses throughout the greater Boston area. Online you can find its FREE Public Directory featuring over 1,600 Black-owned businesses in Massachusetts’ Greater Boston area. The agency also specializes in event support, vendor sourcing, outreach, market curation, brand partnerships, one-on-one and cohort consulting and training, retail development, and more. 

The Seaport Black Owned Bos. outdoor market is a landmark collaboration and one of the most exciting retail developments in the city, enabling local and web-based Black-owned businesses to benefit from a larger physical footprint than they would typically access. The opportunity also allows these businesses to test out brick-and-mortar incubator spaces to reimagine their brands in a new capacity. 

After launching on July 24, The outdoor market ends its summer run on August 28 at Seaport Common, where over 30 Black-owned businesses will be in attendance. There, you will find the best in accessories, apparel, art, photography, home, stationery, provisions, bath & beauty, and more. If you miss this one, you won’t have to wait for long; another Seaport x Black Owned Bos outdoor market is set to take place from September 25 through October 16. Bostonians and visitors alike should be sure to visit the Seaport area to check out the market and all of the area’s cool developments. 

Noel Cymone Walker

Noel Cymone Walker is an NYC-based writer specializing in beauty, fashion, music, travel, and cultural anthropology. She has written and produced visuals for several notable publications such as The Recording Academy/The Grammys, The Fader, Billboard, OkayPlayer, Marie Claire, Glamour, Allure, Essence, Ebony, and more.

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