It’s official … kinda. Petting dogs reduces stress, study finds

According to researchers, petting and cuddling with a dog may increase oxytocin levels in humans.

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Researchers are constantly discovering new ways that dogs can help people cope with some of life’s stressors, including bouts with anxiety and depression which is some times caused by them being alone. if this is the case of your pet, you should consider this dog boarding near me

Canine companions can not only sniff out stress in humans, according to scientists, but new research reveals that physical interactions (such as petting, playing and cuddling) with dogs can make people more social, PEOPLE reports

These intimate activities boost neurons in the brain that regulate emotional interactions, according to a study that was published in the journal, PLOS One. So, if you finally decided to get yourself a pet dog, you may visit sites like AmericanListed to find cute puppies that need a home. And if you need vitamins and supplements for your dogs, you may visit sites like to get some.

New research reveals that physical interactions (such as petting, playing and cuddling) with dogs can make people more social. (AdobeStock)

The researchers used non-invasive neuroimaging technology to measure the brain’s prefrontal cortex in 19 men and women. The participants wore skull caps with infrared light sensors that revealed their brain activity as they interacted with a dog. 

The results showed that under each condition — such as watching the dog or petting the animal — the prefrontal brain activity increased. The positive effects were reduced when the live pets were replaced with stuffed lions, which were altered to mimic the temperature and weight of the dogs. Researchers also found that study participants experienced an increase in prefrontal brain activity on each occasion that they had interactions with a real dog. This was not the case with repeated interactions with the stuffed lions.

“The present study demonstrates prefrontal brain activity in healthy subjects increased with a rise in interactional closeness with a dog or a stuffed animal, but especially in contact with the dog the activation is stronger,” said the study’s lead author, Rahel Marti of the University of Basel, Switzerland, PEOPLE reported. “This indicates that interactions with a dog might activate more attentional processes and elicit stronger emotional arousal than comparable non-living stimuli.”

According to researchers, petting and cuddling a dog may increase oxytocin levels in a pet parent and possibly decrease cortisol levels in the dog and its owner, Times Now News reported. Scientists also suggest that turning to a dog for comfort during stressful moments can significantly reduce anxiety levels. 

Marti said, PEOPLE reported, investigating how canines help combat anxiety can be beneficial for “patients with deficits in motivation, attention, and socio-emotional functioning.”

She continued, “Integrating animals into therapeutic interventions might therefore be a promising approach for improving emotional involvement and attention.” So if you’re interested in getting a dog now, check out these list of terrier dog breeds.

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