A grand gift guide for the grands in your life

What do you get the generations who’ve done it all? In this gift guide, we’ve rounded up 12 top gifts for the grands.

When we ask the family matriarchs and patriarchs — our grandparents and ‘nem — what they want for the holidays this year, they may say they just want us to call more or visit longer. Or maybe they’ll just wish for their health and the health of their loved ones. But we all know our elders deserve a little something extra, so this year we’ve rounded up 12 top-rated gift ideas for the senior set.

Grands gift guide
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Cherish the recipes!

Recipe binder + organizer by Be Rooted (Image: Be Rooted)

Potlucks, parties, full-on sit-down feasts. What would the holidays be without holiday dinners? Encourage the chef in your family to capture their best recipes by gifting them a recipe journal — or better yet, get it started by entering a few on your own! We love the Recipe Binder + Organizer by Black-owned stationery company Be Rooted, so they can be savored for generations to come. 

Recipe Binder + Organizer


Replace the Dutch oven 

Classic dutch oven in emerald green sold by The Black Home (Image: The Black Home)

Their Dutch oven may be older than you and the enamel might be starting to wear off, but of course, they intend to keep using it indefinitely to churn out their specialties. But you might be able to convince them to part with the tried-and-true when they see the sleek and modern take on the kitchen essential offered by the Black Home. Currently available in pastel green, emerald green, navy, and classic matte black, it is sure to live up to even the most cherished of Dutch oven legacies — and begin a new one. 

Classic Dutch Oven 


Get them their daily fix

Roasted coffee subscription by Boon Boona Coffee (Image: Boon Boona Coffee)

The perfume of coffee wafting through the air in the morning can alone be enough to get a person out of bed. Imagine how much sweeter that scent would smell if it was coming from the fresh brew of a Black-owned brand? Treat the coffee drinkers in your life with a bag of premium coffee from Boon Boona or spring for a subscription to keep those cups ever-flowing.  

Roasted Coffee Subscription


Put something on their feet

The California slide by Fear of God (Image: Fear of God)

For all the times you are caught barefoot in their house and told to put something on your feet, return the favor this holiday season and upgrade their worn-out house slippers. We recommend the California slide by Fear of God. It’s made from durable yet cushy rubber, boasting a trendy sculptural design, and comes in canary yellow, coral and cream.  

The California


For their bath

Nile infused bath salts by The Black Home (Image: The Black Home)

You could always get them another bag of Dr. Teal’s Epsom salt for their winter baths — or this holiday season, you could treat them to a slightly more luxurious soak. We recommend the Black Home’s Nile infused bath salts. The mineral-rich bath soak promises to bring the detoxifying qualities of the Nile River, along with a hint of lavender, into the bath. 

Nile Infused Bath Salts


Personalize it 

Robe & Blanket gift set by Sewing Seams (Image: Sewing Seams)

Sometimes they just want a simple update to an old and used item, like a new robe or throw. Liven up the request with a one-of-a-kind personalized version. You could keep them cozy, warm, and feeling stylish with a plush personalized bathrobe and throw from Sewing Seams. The Etsy shop specializes in gifts that come in an array of colors with the initials of your choosing. 

Robe & Blanket Gift Set 



Elmington Midnight watch by Vitae (Image: Vitae)

Time is probably the No. 1 gift any of our loved ones could want. More time around the kitchen table cutting up, more time watching movies in the family room, more time making cherished memories. This holiday season give them a gift to help them keep track, a new timepiece. We recommend the gold Elmington Midnight watch by Black-owned Vitae London. Boasting a sapphire crystal face, the adjustable watch offers timeless style for both men and women. 

Elmington Midnight Watch


Get their pocketbook

Red Fox Zaya shoulder bag by Anima Iris (Image: Anima Iris)

What’s better than a brand-new bag? A brand-new red snakeskin bag by a Black-owned brand. We are obsessed with the Red Fox Zaya shoulder bag by Anima Iris. Simplistic in design, it packs a lot of personality in its elegant style. Anyone with this over their arm has places to be and things to do. 

Red Fox Zaya

Currently $360

Leave ’em puzzled

“The Routes We Follow” 1000-piece puzzle by Apostrophe Puzzles (Image: Apostrophe Puzzles)

Black art always makes for a cherished gift and it can be even more meaningful when you have a hand in crafting it. Cue Apostrophe Puzzles, a Black-owned puzzle company that specializes in Black art that you can piece together. Some of our favorites include the 1000-piece “Some Refuse to Work in the Fields” and the 1000-piece “The Routes We Follow.” You may score bonus points if you help them complete it.

“The Routes We Follow” 1000-Piece Puzzle


“Some Refuse to Work in the Fields” 1000-Piece Puzzle


For the storytellers

(Image: Audible)

They are the family storyteller. They can recall all of the family lore, and have a story for every situation you encounter. Chats with them can last hours. Give the storytellers in your life the gift of story through an Audible subscription. With thousands of titles new and old, they will never run out of stories to enjoy. 

Audible Subscription

Starting at $7.95 a month 

For the family tree

(Image: Ancestry.com)

Your grandfather swears that comedian is related to you. Your aunt keeps you telling that politician is your cousin. Help them know for certain this holiday season with a subscription to Ancestry.com’s genealogy search now including worldwide records. 

Ancestry.com Subscription

Plans currently start at $21.99 per month

For the letter-writers

Gold Foil Stationery Set by Patrina’s Paperie (Image: Patrina’s Paperie)

You’ve shown them how to text and how to email, but from time to time, their handwritten letters still show up in your mailbox. Celebrate the old-school, classic letter-writers and card-senders in your life by gifting them custom stationery or one-of-a-kind holiday cards. The Etsy shop Patrina’s Paperie carries an assortment of quality customizable designs and for a limited time, custom stationery sets. 

Gold Foil Stationery Set


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