A gift guide for those who like to indulge and imbibe

12 top gifts by Black brands for the connoisseurs of both liquor and cannabis in your life. 

Before you proceed with this article: are you 21 years old or older? Do you live in a state where THC is legal for recreational use? And, this holiday season, are you shopping for someone who is a self-professed spirit savant or a connoisseur of cannabis? Perhaps a bit of both? If so, you’re in luck. We have rounded up 12 gifts from Black brands to gift to the ones who enjoy their vices. 

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For a good time

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Image: Shots No Chaser

Your recipient regularly hosts elaborate game nights with elaborate drinks to match—and they always have an inventive drinking game on deck. This holiday season, thrill them with a new drinking card game. We recommend the Under the Influence Party Pack sold by Shots No Chaser, which comes with the original “Under the Influence” deck and the “Extremely Under the Influence” deck along with a set of shot glasses by Shots No Chaser, perfect for instant party vibes. 

Under the Influence Party Pack


For the one who enjoys a glass with a good book

“Black Joy”: Black Girl Magic Wine & Book Club by McBride Sisters Wine Company (Image: McBride Sisters Wine Company)

A good time for some is simply settling in for the evening with a nice glass of their favorite wine and a hot new read. The McBride Sisters Wine Company make it easy to gift the bookish wine drinkers in your life with their Wine & Book Club, which includes pairings of some of the latest releases in literature with those from their acclaimed winery.  

“Black Joy”: Black Girl Magic Wine & Book Club


For the mixologist 

(Image: Penguin Random House)

Making a good drink is truly a skill and an art form unto itself. That said, it doesn’t have to elude us. This holiday season, gift the savvy merry-maker in your life a cocktail book of recipes to help them master the art of the drink. T-Pain, who famously crooned in Auto-Tune, “Can I buy you a drink?” has released his very own book of cocktail recipes inspired by his music. What could be more perfect? 

Can I Mix You A Drink?: Cocktails from My Life and Career


For the bar 

Build the Bar Collection sold by the Reserve Bar (Image: Reserve Bar)

Some swear by white liquor, others swear by dark, and then there are those who just like their liquor wet. There’s a little something-something for everybody in the Reserve Bar’s Black-Owned “Build The Bar” collection. A bottle of Uncle Nearest 1884’s small batch whiskey, Loft & Bear’s artisanal vodka, Ten To One’s white rum, Du Nord Prominence’s gin, and bitters from Hella Cocktails combine to create a spirited gift set befitting every indulger’s taste. 

Build The Bar Collection


For the tastemakers

Classic Cocktails Mixer Set by Hella Cocktails (Image: Hella Cocktails)

You can go out and grab each and every individual ingredient a drink recipe calls for, pay close attention to the recipe, and get the measurements just right—or you can skip all the hassle with a quality mixer. Know anyone who enjoys a good drink but not the work it takes to create one? Spoil them with the Classic Cocktails Mixer variety pack by Hella Cocktails, which includes a mix to make Old Fashioneds, Margaritas, and Bloody Marys. 

Classic Cocktails Mixer Variety Pack


For the china cabinet 

Estelle Colored Wine Stemware (Image: Estelle Colored Glass)

What do you get the wine critic in your life—the one who you wouldn’t dare attempt to buy wine for? A set of wine glasses. They are stylish, functional, and long-lasting; and we’re not just talking about a new set of clear wine glasses. Really impress them with a contemporary colored set. We are major fans of the jewel-toned set by Estelle Colored Glass, which includes six different hues of hand-blown stemmed wine glasses.

Estelle Colored Wine Stemware – Set of 6


For the movers and shakers

Cocktail Shaker by the Black Home (Image: The Black Home)

This person likes it shaken, not stirred. They are as sophisticated as James Bond and practically live in the lap of luxury, as evidenced by all the gold brass hardware and accents in their home. Indulge them further and invite just a little more luxury into their environs with a golden cocktail shaker by The Black Home. 

Cocktail Shaker


For those who don’t want that smoke

Ardent FX by Ardent Cannabis (Image: Ardent Cannabis)

One of the ever-fascinating facts about cannabis is the plethora of ways to consume and enjoy it. Sure, one can smoke it; but one can also dab it, put it on their body via creams and oils, drink it, and, of course, eat it. Whether you know someone who is a celebrated cannabis chef or one who is just beginning to dabble in making their own edibles, we can’t recommend the Ardent FX enough. Founded by a Black woman, Ardent is a laboratory-grade precision decarboxylator, which activates all of the THC and CBD properties in your flower product and breaks them down further so they can be used to make just about anything. 

Ardent FX


For passing the J

JTT Chill Stone glass smoking filter by Just The Tip Accessories (Image: Just The Tip Accessories)

For centuries, smokers have been freely passing their joints, spliffs, blunts, and pipes amongst each other with very little regard for germs. Between superbugs and COVID-19 still making their way through the public, this holiday season you can help the social smokers in your life pass only the J and not their germs around with the help of a glass filter tip. The luxury smoking accessory by Just The Tip accessories comes in a variety of colors and can be worn as a pendant or easily stashed away until the opportunity to spark up strikes. 

JTT Chill Stone glass smoking filter


For the posh puffer

Oshun Water Bubbler by Canna Luxe (Image: Canna Luxe)

Bubblers or water bongs are reliable and environmentally friendly, and in recent years they have become extremely stylish decor accents. For that stoner in your life who doesn’t compromise on style—even in their stoner accessories, gift them a modern bubbler like the Oshun Water Bubbler by Canna Luxe. Named after the Yoruba water goddess, this functional piece resembles something closer to an artful vase. 

Oshun Water Bubbler


For the aromas

Four Twenty candle by Homesick (Image: Homesick)

Know someone who smokes like a chimney and yet their home never smells like they do? A stoner’s secret weapon to combating the strong aromas that come with the habit is lighting something of a different variety, a candle. Homesick has the perfect remedy, the aptly named Four Twenty candle. Despite the name, the candle’s notes are bergamot, patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, musk—and just a hint of cannabis. 

Four Twenty candle


For the high roller 

Bouqé organic hemp rolling paper (Image: Bouqé )

As the Bouqé organic hemp rolling paper brand puts it, running out of rolling paper is a lot like pouring a bowl of cereal only to realize you’ve run out of milk—painful, aggravating, and inevitably occurring after all the smoke shops have closed. Be their hero and gift them the bi-monthly Re-Up subscription by Bouqé, which will keep the good times rolling. 

Re-Up with Bouqé Subscription


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