Hilltop Coffee Invigorates the Black Community with Diversity & Quality

Hilltop Coffee & Kitchen in Los Angeles invigorates the Black community with diversity and quality.

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South L.A.-based cafe Hilltop Coffee & Kitchen, the brainchild of Ajay Relan, has found success bringing quality coffee and food to an underrepresented community of color, working past the initial stigmas of imposter syndrome. Hilltop is a place for creators of all walks of life, and represents the goals that each and every one of us create and the obstacles we must overcome to realize them. Hilltop is driven by a mission to bring quality ingredients and good vibes to its customers. 

Hilltop Coffee & Kitchen has become that anchor in society to create an environment conducive to creativity, community and connection. The cafe hopes to remind its customers that we’re all in this together.