Mountain sports program Ski Noir 5280 looks to bring diversity to high altitudes

You can call Quincy "Q" Shannon a "Face of Change." The original series from Pattrn recognizes the founder of Ski Noir 5280 in its most recent episode.

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Pattrn’s original series “Faces of Change” profiles a new young innovator in Quincy “Q” Shannon.

Shannon is a community leader in Denver, making a huge impact in his local area. He founded Ski Noir 5280, a program that partners with the Colorado Black Panthers to diversify skiing in the mountains of the Mile-High City.

But his dream doesn’t stop there. Shannon also wants to take his mission into schools and introduce kids to skiing while teaching them valuable life lessons, aiming to create a safe space for not just skiing itself, but for its partakers to be their most authentic selves.

Quincy “Q” Shannon and his program participants embrace the mountaintop in Denver. (Photo: Courtesy of Faces of Change/Quincy Shannon)

Shannon’s dedication to bringing diversity to the mountains and introducing kids to skiing is inspiring. He also understands the importance of facing your fears and going through challenges, which is why he wants to teach these valuable lessons to young people.

Ski Noir 5280 offers scholarships that provide free lift tickets, lessons and equipment to those who need it. Shannon’s program is a way to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to experience the joy of skiing, regardless of their background or financial situation.

“A person that strives daily to change stereotypes that have held us down — who realizes, ‘My life has purpose and meaning’ — looks at others as an opportunity to learn and grow,” Shannon says. That’s the main mission behind why he chose skiing as the optimal sport of choice for his students, he contends.

Shannon’s ultimate goal is to be a bridge to the next generation, inspiring them to make a difference in their own communities. His legacy is a reminder that we can all be a positive influence, no matter how small.

By coming together, we can make wherever we live a better place for everyone — and Quincy Shannon is a shining example of that.

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