The 13 Best Black podcasts of all time

OPINION: To mark the launch of my new podcast "Being Black: The ’80" on Thursday, here are 13 Black podcasts you will love.

Black podcasts,
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It’s the eve of the release of my new podcast “Being Black: The ’80s.” It’s a documentary-style show where I talk about the big political issues of the ’80s through the lens of some of the great songs of the decade. But let’s talk about other podcasts I love. Let me give you 13 of the greatest Black podcasts of all time. In no particular order: 

The Midnight Miracle

Dave Chappelle, Yasin Bey and Talib Kweli have put together one of the greatest podcasts ever. It’s about the three of them hanging out with each other and their friends, but it’s also about whatever they’re interested in at the moment. I wrote about the show because it’s awesome. 

Dear Culture

My man Panama Jackson’s show is built around having great and wild arguments about culture. I love this show. I also love some of the other shows by my Grio fam like Michael Harriot’s “TheGrio Daily” and Chrissy Greer’s “The Blackest Questions.”   

Toure Show

OMG look at that. My show made the list! Much appreciated. I do a one-on-one interview show featuring guests like Zadie Smith, Ice Cube, Sherri Shepherd, Maxine Waters and more.  

The Read

Kid Fury and Crissle are hysterical, brilliant, and unapologetically Black. Listening to their show is like listening to two best friends entertaining each other.  

Code Switch

A really smart and engaging show hosted by Gene Demby and B.A. Parker that dives deep into big issues like reparations and intersectionality and does a lot of great journalistic work.  

Knuckleheads” / “All the Smoke

Two different shows that are similar. Both give us a pair of former NBA greats talking to NBA and WNBA legends. “Knuckleheads” is Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. “All the Smoke” is Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. Both shows go deep into the nuances of basketball and both are dripping with Black culture. Also, both had epic interviews with Kobe Bryant. 

Legacy of Speed

Malcolm Gladwell’s true, fascinating story of a running coach who changed the sport forever by teaching his runners to be more relaxed. 

Jemele Hill Is Unbothered

The legendary broadcaster talks to all sorts of people. Her charisma makes the show come alive.

The Black Kitchen Series

A look at the world of cooking and drinking from a Black perspective. Chef and cocktail curator Jade Verette talks to chefs, farmers, artists and all sorts of people who are changing the face of food.

The Right Time with Bomani Jones

The man is funny and brilliant and one of the best sports commentators around. 

Snap judgment

Host Glynn Washington leads us through a series of stories that feel like a Black version of “This American Life.” 

Mogul: the Life and Death of Chris Lighty

This is still one of the greatest stories ever told in podcasting history. Chris Lighty was a popular, successful, charismatic music executive. He was a big part of the growth of hip-hop. He seemed on top of the world until the day he killed himself. Combat Jack, the late great podcasting OG, narrates this unforgettable story.


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