Watch: Supporting a loved one with mental health issues | Life Hacks

Danteé Ramos shares tips on how to support a loved one with mental health issues for theGrio's series Life Hacks.

If you have a loved one with mental health issues, the smallest gesture can be an act of support. In this episode of Life Hacks, Danteé Ramos, a multimedia journalist who was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder in 2023, opens up about ways her family was supportive after her diagnosis and offers tips on how you can support a loved one with mental health issues.

“I always joke around and say I needed to give my family a support group because it was a lot,” Ramos tells theGrio. “When I did get diagnosed, my family took it in and tried to educate themselves. [They] asked me what I needed and what my symptoms were. Even now, they’ll check if I took my medication and if I’m eating.

“They have a great communication with my boyfriend, who I live with,” Ramos adds. “Sometimes I’ll isolate myself, but they’ll make sure they’re up to date in some way without invading an area where I may not be ready to talk at the time or an episode is bothering me. They give me so much love.”

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