Watch: Jakira Kellogg Discusses Creative Outlets for Mental Health | Life Hacks

Jakira Kellogg opens up about creative outlets that helped with her mental health for theGrio's Life Hacks.

When it comes to mental health, seeking professional help is always encouraged but hobbies and creative outlets can also be another resource through your mental health journey. In this episode of Life Hacks, Jakira Kellogg, a spoken word artist and creative, opens up about how she has used poetry as an outlet throughout her mental health journey.

“Poetry is like my safe haven,” Kellogg tells theGrio. “It’s [a] space for me to release and create and just truly be my most vulnerable and ugliest version of myself. It’s a place where I can breathe without suffocating; it’s a place where I don’t feel judged.”

Through poetry, Kellogg was able to be transparent about her mental health journey and use the art to make an impact. Check out the full video for more!

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