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August 8, 2023
Charles “Tree” Ogletree Jr., the Harvard Law legend who died last Friday, was a giant in the legal world who championed social justice causes.
Though we may not be able to stop the storm from swirling, there are things we can do to take some cover so we don’t get drenched.
Arizona is the latest state to ban hair discrimination, protecting something that should not have to be protected — our own natural identity. 
The report was refreshingly honest about systemic racism. Such honesty, in a nation roiled by its inner racial demons, is lacking today.
Two Harvard professors sent a petition to President Biden seeking a pardon for the civil rights icon, who was convicted of mail fraud in 1917.
July 7, 2022
In America, our law determines that some rights are so fundamental that they should not be left to the varied politics of individual states.
It’s been said that democracy dies in the dark. This line of thinking is, at least, as much about darkness as it is about democracy.