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Thameka has a B.A in African American Studies from Yale University. Based in the New York/New Jersey area, she is a freelance writer, and owns a spiritual practice.

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Lizzo, theGrio.com
August 19, 2021
I’ve loved Lizzo since the moment she came onto the scene. It wasn’t just her multifaceted musical talent, or her
July 14, 2021
By now, you’ve likely seen the latest video(s) of a crazed “Karen” at a Victoria’s Secret store located at a
Phylicia Rashad and Bill Cosby, theGrio.com
I remember when we first started hearing about the rash of Bill Cosby accusations in the early 2000s and again
Titus Burgess with actress Ellie Kemper (Left); Billie Jean King (right) theGrio.com
June 4, 2021
A year ago, I remember being struck by how many people were out marching for Black lives in the wake
Posters for TV shows "Friends" and "Living Single" x theGrio.com
Does everyone have their plans together for the reunion episode of Friends on HBO? Didn’t even realize it was happening?