Dr. Otto Klineberg and Dr. Anne Anastasi discuss how segregated learning environments affects the intellectual achievement of African-American students.
The Excel program aims to motivate and discipline black students while increasing parental involvement in schools. Reverend Jesse Jackson says black students must change their priorities from sports and entertainment to education and achievement.
THEGRIO REFLECTS - Dan Klores talks about 'Black Magic', a film about developing your own ways to assimilate when you're in a society that excludes you from the mainstream.
In the 1880’s, black farmers suffered the most in the economic downturn and organized themselves into the Colored Farmers’ Alliance.
TheGrio's 100 - New Orleans would not be the same, and many black families would not be safely back at their homes, if not for the efforts of Dr. Beverly Wright...
TheGrio Reflects - The 1936 Olympics is often remembered for what some thought was a snub of American Jesse Owens by Hitler...