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Eric’s Perspective: Evelia Jones

Episode 9

In this episode, Eric sits down with the lovely Evelia Jones, a direct descendant of Sally Hemings; intimate companion of Thomas Jefferson for nearly four decades with whom he had six children. They discuss her experience as a child growing up in the South, her exposure to art and performance as a young girl, her Father — the late, talented but somewhat unsung hero; artist Lawrence A. Jones, the road he paved in the world of African American art and role he played in the community… They discuss her life as an Arts Educator and her mission to promote her Father’s creative legacy. 

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Guest Bio: Evelia Jones is a direct descendant of Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson. Before retiring she was a teacher in the Los Angeles public schools for 34 years; following in her parents’ footsteps, teaching art in underserved communities. Jones wrote an Op-Ed piece with historian Harvey Wasserman for the Los Angeles Times in 2019 entitled  “It’s time to recognize Sally Hemings as a first lady of the United States”. 

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