Eric's Perspective

Eric’s Perspective: George Evans

Episode 6

In this episode, LA native George Evans describes his lifelong relationship with art; having being raised in an artistic home, to receiving mentorship from renowned African American artists, and how his art has continued to evolve throughout the years.

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Guest Bio: George was born in Watts and grew up on 89th Street in an artistic family that
nurtured a love of art, books, music, and nature. His brother is a jazz musician and one of his sisters, Wanda Coleman, was a renowned LA poet. According to Evans, there were two important opportunities that informed his career: art classes in Watts after the rebellion in 1965 and a gift of LACMA membership from his mother. Evans has served nearly 2 decades as a professor of Graphic Design at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. His artworks are reflective of his academic training from Chouinard Art Institute (CalArts) and apprenticeship with the late renowned watercolorist William Pajaud. The trajectory of his practice spans fifty years with artworks proficiently executed in the media of watercolors, acrylics, pencil, photography, and digital. Through the application of these various media, Evans explores the absence of boundaries to develop and reconstruct his concepts about figure and form.

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