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theGRIO REPORT - Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree, a mentor of President Obama when he attended the school, will

/ April 12, 2012
african kings

OPINION - Derrick Bell and fellow law professors in the 70s and 80s understood that though blacks had technically gained

/ March 14, 2012
african kings

OPINION - The shocking videotape unearthed by the late, right wing gadfly Andrew Breitbart, that was supposed to finally prove

/ March 8, 2012
african kings

theGRIO REPORT - "It's the best place I've ever been," quips Moises Levi, who just last year was in Clinton

/ October 14, 2010
african kings

VIDEO - Ogletree is the author of 'The Presumption of Guilt' which examines the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr.,

/ July 2, 2010
african kings

BOSTON (AP) - 'Misunderstandings' and a 'certain degree of fear' each man had for the other led to the dispute,

/ June 30, 2010

NEW YORK (AP) - "Sharpton has become the lightning rod in moving Obama's agenda forward," said Charles Ogletree...

/ April 19, 2010