Critical Race Theory

Just two months after one of Nebraska’s most contentious legislative sessions, lawmakers signaled Monday that more angry debate is likely next year over school curricula.
/ August 10, 2023
Francis Howell School Board led by new conservative board members elected since last year, has revoked that anti-racism resolution.
/ July 25, 2023
Juneteenth might be the only federal holiday where states have banned teaching certain aspect of its history, an author noted.
/ June 19, 2023
The promotion of certain beliefs that some North Carolina lawmakers have likened to “critical race theory” is on track to be banned in state government workplaces, under a bill that received final legislative approval on Tuesday.
/ June 7, 2023
Moms for Liberty,
Our series examines the Moms for Liberty-led anti-CRT coup that claimed the career of Berkeley County schools’ first Black superintendent.
/ May 19, 2023
moms for liberty, critical race theory,
Part 3 of our series details how a group of angry white moms took over a majority-Black school district and ousted its superintendent.
/ May 18, 2023
SC critical race war
Our series details how a celebrated Black scholar found herself in the crosshairs of the conservative campaign against education equity.
/ May 17, 2023