The Supreme Court on Tuesday put on hold a lower court ruling that Louisiana must draw new congressional districts before

/ June 28, 2022
La. Gov. John Bel Edwards,

BATON ROUGE (AP) — A request by Louisiana legislative leaders to extend the deadline of completing a new congressional map

/ June 17, 2022

A federal appeals court has put on hold a district judge’s order for Louisiana to redraw new congressional districts by June 20

/ June 11, 2022

The Florida Supreme Court will allow the state to keep in place a redistricting map the critics say will likely

/ June 6, 2022

OPINION: The newly redrawn district maps have made a mess of political races, exposing the infighting between the differing factions

/ May 26, 2022

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday adopted Republican-drawn maps for the state Legislature, handing the GOP a victory just weeks

/ April 18, 2022

A third lawsuit has been filed by the Biden administration regarding Texas redistricting maps which were deemed discriminatory. The most

/ March 25, 2022