U.S. Economy

Sales were unchanged last month as persistently high inflation and rising interest rates made many Americans spend more cautiously.
/ August 17, 2022
From toilet paper to yogurt and coffee to corn chips, manufacturers are quietly shrinking package sizes without lowering prices.
/ June 8, 2022
State of the Union thegrio.com
With a nation in ‘malaise,’ President Biden’s State of the Union address must promote an agenda and claim credit for positive developments.
/ March 1, 2022
Black woman in front of "Store Closing" sign on business, theGrio.com
As Biden meets with financial regulators, there is a question of whether U.S. economic metrics are excluding Black and brown populations.
/ June 21, 2021
Broadway thegrio.com
Broadway is back! The return of the nation’s famous theater circuit stands to signal a bounce back for the American economy.
/ May 13, 2021
money, trillion discrimination thegrio.com
A new study shows that racial discrimination is costly and it has impacted the nation’s economy by $16 trillion.
/ September 24, 2020
Trump theGrio.com
President Donald Trump said that he is considering an executive order that would unilaterally suspend evictions across the United States.
/ August 4, 2020