Dog attacks child, neighbor comes to rescue

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A Fort Lauderdale man is being called a hero today for prying open the jaws of a pit bull that mauled a 6-year-old girl.

Nakaylah Smith was riding her bicycle in front on her home when the dog attacked.

“And it just happened in a split second, the dog basically yanked her off the bike, and it was chaos from there,” Nakaylah’s mother Kalandra Smith said.

Cleaning up Nakaylah Smith meant 16 stitches in her leg.

The neighbor’s pit bull is usually restrained. Thursday evening, it got through the gap in the fence, and attacked the girl.

The neighbors came to Nakaylah’s aid. Mark Almy said it wasn’t easy pulling the dog off the little girl.

The dog’s fate is in the hands of Broward County Animal Control.