Nathaniel DiRenzo, 29, who police say punched the girl during a confrontation at Stuyvesant Square Park, was arrested Saturday.
/ October 24, 2021
Rishi Rambaran -
A father and two friends in Arizona ambushed an elementary school principal in her office for upholding mask and quarantine mandates.
/ September 4, 2021
7-year-old Shamar Jackson was mauled by the dog on Sunday. The boy was outside looking for his own dog with his brother.
/ June 16, 2021
Several students at a North Carolina high school are facing disciplinary action after beating up a 14-year-old girl inside her classroom.
/ May 28, 2021
Asian attack
The company that owns the building an Asian woman was assaulted in front of has fired the doormen who stood by and watched.
/ April 6, 2021
Los Angeles police have arrested two men and continue to search for a third in the robbery and attack against three transgender women.
/ August 23, 2020
white couple attack
A white couple from Connecticut has been arrested after they allegedly attacked a Black Mystic hotel worker and repeatedly called her a monkey.
/ July 15, 2020