Allen West made headlines when he named conservative radio host Joyce Kauffman as his chief of staff. Kauffman, has been quoted as saying, “If ballots don’t work, bullets will. I’ve never in my life thought that the day would come where I would tell individual citizens that you are responsible for being a militia that the founding fathers designed.” She later announced that she would not serve as West’s chief of staff after all.

West expressed anger and frustration at not getting his first choice for chief of staff. “That despicable, disgusting action, the way they went after Joyce Kauffman, shows that not only does the liberal left have issues with racism, because I guarantee you, if I was a black democratic Congressman elect, they would not be doing these type of actions. And the fact that they are attacking a woman like this, that shows me something about sexism and misogynist behavior,” said West.

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In short, West attributed the backlash to his chief of staff announcement not to her previous scandals, but to the fact that she is a woman, and his belief that the left is not only sexist, but racist as well.

The newly elected congressman also reiterated the fact that he maintains his commitment to using his first time in office to ‘bring the left to its knees.’