Tucker Carlson doesn’t think Brown Jackson is intelligent enough for a lifetime appointment on the high court.
/ March 4, 2022
Black women are overrepresented in the workforce yet underrepresented in their opportunity, according to recent research.
/ February 25, 2022
Timnit Gebru is launching an artificial intelligence research institute after Google fired her for claiming the company’s AI were unethical.
/ December 4, 2021
Hip-hop music does not live outside of the legacy of racist colonial myths and seems to continue to breed these destructive patterns.
/ October 15, 2021
NFL player Dez Bryant and Jemele Hill,
Political commentator Reecie Colbert writes a Black woman is the easiest target when one needs to change the subject from their own misdeeds.
/ September 29, 2021
In a Politico interview, Alexandra Datig recalled the incident that made her call off her 18-month engagement to Elder in 2015.
/ August 20, 2021
Lizzo’s music is about affirming and reaffirming herself all the time, against projection the outside world would otherwise have her believe.
/ August 19, 2021