Mary Harvey: ‘This is not a publicity push’ (VIDEO)

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Mary Harvey, comedian and author Steve Harvey’s ex-wife, recently stopped by theGrio to explain a series of You Tube videos which accuse her ex-husband of adultery and shady behavior.

She told theGrio’s Todd Johnson her ex-husband is not who America thinks he is. She accused the best-selling author and husband of misleading the public of his image and abandoning his responsibilities as a husband.

The videos, posted a few weeks ago, have attracted hundreds of thousands of views in roughly two weeks. Harvey insists the new book Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man?: How To Think Like A Lady And Still Get The Man, by daughter and mother team Shanae Hall and Rhonda Frost, inspired her to go public with her story.

Steve Harvey’s attorney, Bobbie Edmonds, released a statement which said his client was aware of the You Tube videos, but Mary’s accusations were ”…false, misleading, derogatory, disparaging, malicious, explicit and slanderous.”

“Basically, [our book] is saying, ‘I’m not going to be a victim anymore,” said Shanae Hall, co-author of Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man? “And it’s not just for black women, it’s for all women. In our book, it says, ‘Look in the mirror.’ Our book encourages women to take a step back and reflect on yourself.”

Mary Harvey says her going public is not a publicity push — in fact she insists this wasn’t a position she wanted to be in.

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“I’m hoping that women who feel victimized…they don’t have to feel like that they have to be ‘that’ anymore,” Harvey said. “I’m getting some negative feedback as well, but I’m ready to take that. But it is necessary when you do stand up for what you believe.

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