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Walking down the path of Glenn Beck’s logic is kind of like trying to catch a rattlesnake with your eyelids, but here we go anyway.

What has Mr. Beck all a tizzy lately is the fact that Spider-Man has gone multi-racial. Marvel has begun portraying the famous hero as a half-Latino, half-black teenager. This, says Beck, is a direct result of President and Mrs. Obama’s plan to sublimate white America through our most cherished institutions. You can hear his thoughts here.

OK, where to start?

First of all, we should note that Peter Parker, the Spider-Man most of us know and love has not been given some kind of politically correct makeover. He’s been given a killed-by-the-Green-Goblin makeover. This is all part of Marvel’s Ultimate line that they launched in 2000 to re-introduce more modern versions of their most famous characters.

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