Barack Obama

The president of the United States has the most serious job in the world; however, it doesn’t come without its gaffes and humorous moments.
/ July 31, 2023
From a brand new docuseries from the Obamas to the reboot of “White Men Can’t Jump,” TheGrio has the top movie and TV projects …
/ May 19, 2023
Sasha Obama earned her sociology degree from USC’s Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences on Friday, May 12.
/ May 13, 2023
A Fugees rapper accused in multimillion-dollar political conspiracies spanning two presidencies was convicted Wednesday.
/ April 27, 2023
Former President Barack Obama marked the retirement of Edith Childs, who popularized the chant that epitomized his White House runs.
/ March 2, 2023
Former President Barack Obama will campaign again for Sen. Raphael Warnock as the Georgia Democrat tries to withstand a strong challenge from Republican Herschel Walker before their Dec. 6 runoff.
/ November 22, 2022
An Obama Foundation program that has trained hundreds of young leaders across Africa, the Asia-Pacific and Europe is being expanded to include the United States.
/ November 18, 2022