Georgia elderly man attacked, robbed outside home

VIDEO - An elderly man attacked and robbed outside his home Sunday is recovering tonight as police work to find a suspect...

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An elderly man attacked and robbed outside his home Sunday is recovering tonight as police work to find a suspect.

101-year-old Edward Vaughn was returning home from church when the attack occurred in East Savannah, Georgia.

Today he is doing as well as can be expected – mostly worried about replacing his keys and wallet stolen in the attack. He does have some pain in his side from where he hit part of the porch as he tried to fight off the attacker – but to hear him tell the story – it may be his pride that’s hurt more than anything else.

Sheila Parker spoke with Mr. Vaughn, his family, and police today about the attack.

101-year-old Edward Vaughn has lived in this home on 36th street for more than 40 years. He rides the church bus home after services each Sunday about the same time, but this weekend he got stopped on the way to his door by a young man who said he was looking for work.

“Wanted to know if I needed the grass cut or anything – I said well tell me who you are and where you live at and then sometime I might be needing somebody and at the same time he was coming up the steps,” Vaughn said.

Before Vaughn could get the door unlocked, he said the young man hugged him and began searching his pockets.

“Real surprising because he looked just like any other young man looking for work, but he wasn’t,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn did what came natural, he fought back.

“When he was wrestling me down- before he searched me – I tried to wrestle him down and got a hold of him – he got a hold of me – I couldn’t feel no weapon or nothing so I made an attempt to down him – but I missed and he downed me.”

He may have some bruising and a little pain – but is mostly none the worse for wear though the young man did run off with his wallet and keys. Vaughn’s son says he’s not surprised his dad fought back.

“My dad – well I know better than most people – my dad didn’t play you know – he’s a little man, but he’s a man. I tell him all the time – daddy, you’re an old man now and you know – you’re vulnerable – anybody can defend you, can defeat you – but he was there trying to you know, protect hisself,” Robert Vaughn said.

Metro police detectives investigating the attack say they’re saturating the area with officers trying to find the suspect — the attack on the elderly man upsetting to those sworn to protect.

“Enough is enough – I mean when you start robbing people you know – especially that age,” Sgt. Laprentice Mayes said.