Comedian Katt Williams went on an extended rant during a comedy show in Phoenix Saturday, taunting a heckler of Mexican descent.

According to a transcript posted by the Huffington Post, and a video making the Youtube rounds, Williams was responding to insults by an audience member, whom he learned was of Mexican origin.

After the initial taunts, Williams unleashed a more than seven-minute tirade in which he stated “if y’all had California and you loved it, then you shouldn’t have given that mothaf*cka up. You should have fought for California, goddamnit, since you love it…” referred to Mexicans as “landscapers” and condemned those who he said “think they can live in this country and pledge allegience to another country… do you remember when white people used to say go back to Africa? And we’d have to tell them we dont want to? So if you love Mexico, bitch, get the f*ck over there!.”

During the rant, Williams also broke into a rendition of the National Anthem.

Watch the video below:

TheGRIO has contacted Williams’ agent for comment.

Williams has had brushes with unwanted attention before. In 2009, he was arrested for burglary in Atlanta.

Last Thursday, he was escorted out of a Young Jeezy concert after apparently getting involved in a fight that broke out in the VIP section of Phoenix’s Celebrity Theatre.