Hate Speech

Police are investigating after flyers with hate speech were found scattered all over yards in a northwest Atlanta neighborhood.  According

/ April 26, 2022

LONDON (AP) — Taking aim at hate speech, disinformation and other harmful content online, the European Union is nearing agreement

/ April 23, 2022

The Associated Press recently obtained leaked Facebook documents revealing the platform has been picking and choosing when to mitigate rampant

/ October 24, 2021
Lang Holland Arkansas Parler thegrio.com

A police chief in rural Arkansas has been forced to resign after spewing a hateful threat to political opponents.  READ MORE: Biden

/ November 10, 2020
Facebook theGrio.com

The social media giant, Facebook, has announced that it removed more than 22.5 million posts that violated its rule against

/ August 12, 2020

A Texas woman launched into a racist tirade after her Black boss fired her and called him the N-word. The

/ June 30, 2020
Goucher College

Students at Goucher College are demanding answers after a Nazi symbol and racist threats were found in a bathroom on

/ November 19, 2018