From Huffington Post:

WASHINGTON — The White House continued on Friday to insist that it wants the President’s new jobs bill to be considered as a single piece of legislation when it is formally introduced next week. But with Republican lawmakers hinting that they would rather consider the components of the president’s plan individually, it’s not entirely clear whether congressional Democrats will be able to make the president’s wishes come true.

The problem is that House Democrats don’t have the numbers to force a vote on the American Jobs Act. They could attempt to bring a bill out of committee and to the floor without a report from that committee (a procedure known as a discharge petition) but that would require a majority vote. Since there are 192 Democrats in the House, that would mean they would need 26 Republicans to offer their support. Unless a number of GOP lawmakers succumb to the pressure that President Obama — who is hitting the road to campaign for the jobs plan — applies, this seems unlikely.

House Democrats could also try to pass the bill through a motion to recommit (MTR), which allows the minority party to offer an alternative piece of legislation to the one being considered. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) couldn’t stop that vote. But Democratic aides aren’t sure that there is a piece of legislation similar enough to the president’s job bill that would allow a MTR to be germane.

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