From Talking Points Memo

A new Pew poll confirms a trend that’s been surfacing for a few weeks — with the constant changes in the GOP presidential primary race, President Obama has seen an uptick in a few key metrics, maintaining a slim lead against former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney and a larger one against other possible challengers.

Pew’s numbers shows that the President’s approval rating, which has been consistently underwater during a difficult summer in Washington, is now even at 46 percent. It also shows that his favorability rating, a point of particular strength for him, continues to be positive. 52 percent of those Americans polled holds him in a positive light, versus 45 percent who see him unfavorably.

In a large sample of nearly 1,600 registered voters, Obama also leads the GOP challengers by varying levels, although the matchup versus his chief rival in Romney is close: Obama garners 49 percent against Romney’s 47. The rest of the field doesn’t fare well at all — Texas Gov. Rick Perry, businessman Herman Cain and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich are all down by double digits to Obama.

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