Newt Gingrich expanded on comments he has made in recent weeks about work, declaring at a press conference Monday that Barack Obama is a “food stamp president.”

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Gingrich dropped the line at a press conference that followed his joint press availability with Donald Trump, who will moderate an upcoming GOP debate. Gingrich said he is the candidate best able to tackle high rates of black teenage unemployment, because, well, he’s the guy offering those janitorial opportunities.

Gingrich started his talk at The Union League by explaining why he would be competitive in all 50 states as the Republican presidential nominee this way:

“If I do become the nominee, we will run a 50 state state strategy because I believe the issue choice is so wide and the gap between the most effective food stamp president in American history and a candidate who wants to create jobs and paychecks, will be so wide that we will have an opportunity to enter dialogue in every state in the country.”

WATCH: Gingrich explains how he’ll tackle black teen unemployment, and calls Barack Obama a “food stamp president.”

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Gingrich has used the “food stamp president” line before. In May, he said it while proclaiming the 2012 election ‘the most consequential since the 1860 race that elected Abraham Lincoln to the White House and was soon followed by the Civil War.”

No dog whistles there.