Atlanta judge orders Obama to court to counter 'birther' claim

theGRIO REPORT - Judge David Farrar is demanding to see Obama's Hawaiian hospital records, which are confidential under federal law, or his mother's OB/GYN records from when she was carrying Obama...

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ATLANTA – After nearly a full-term in office, numerous pieces of proof, and a publicly displayed birth certificate, you’d think that President Barack Obama would not have to continue to have his American citizenship challenged. Unfortunately, that’s not the case as yet another “birther” claims that the President’s birth certificate is not enough proof that he is a natural born citizen, and an Atlanta judge has order the president to appear in court.

“I know the White House has posted President Obama’s birth certificate on its website, but that’s not enough,” said David Farrar of Cedartown, Ga., a retired court reporter. “We should be demanding independent evidence.”

Farrar, who admitted to NBC affiliate WXIA that he has a lot of time on his hands, is the next in a long line of “birthers” who rampantly insist that President Obama was not born in the United States. He made the complaint, which is intended to keep Obama’s name off the state’s ballot in the March presidential primary — the president is running unopposed on the Democratic side.


Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi ordered the hearing on Monday and it is set for Thursday before an administrative judge. Last Friday, the judge denied a motion by the president’s lawyer to squash a subpoena that requires Obama to show up.

Farrar is demanding to see Obama’s Hawaiian hospital records, which are confidential under federal law, or his mother’s OB/GYN records from when she was carrying Obama. Those are also confidential under federal privacy laws.

“I just need to prove that he’s met his qualifications,” Farrar said. Well-known “birther” and California attorney Orly Taitz has filed numerous unsuccessful lawsuits against Obama’s presidency for the last three years. She insists that it is apart of a larger conspiracy to keep Obama in office.

“This will be 100 times bigger than Watergate,” Taitz told the Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer last Saturday. “There are high ranking judges and federal officials who are involved in this cover up. The ramifications of this trial will be enormous.”

Taitz previously represented two soldiers in U.S. District Court in Columbus who argued that since Obama wasn’t the commander-in-chief because he wasn’t eligible to be president, they should not have to take orders from him to be deployed. Federal Judge Clay Land threw the suit out, warned Taitz against filing frivolous suits, and fined her $20,000 after he denied the second claim.

As for Farrar, he insists that he is not a right-winger. He also plans on challenging Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s citizenship.

“If Mitt Romney is the nominee and he signs the piece of paper that Obama signed saying that he meets his presidential qualifications I will be filing suit,” Farrar said. “I’m not convinced Romney has the correct credentials to run.”

Farrar’s complain about Mitt Romney: His father George was born in Mexico. It should be noted that both of George Romney’s parents were American-born citizens, and Mitt was born in Detroit on March 12, 1947.

There is no word on whether the President, who is set to give his annual State of the Union Address tonight, will actually appear in court on Thursday. President Obama is set to speak at the University of Michigan on Friday.

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