Since he’s not getting much playing time these days, New England Patriots’ wide reciever (and reality TV star) Chad Ochocinco decided to live tweet the president’s State of the Union speech last night. Either Ochocinco doesn’t understand who John Boehner is or that the president uses a teleprompter or he is a lot funnier than we thought he was. The Politico reports:

Chad Ochocinco of the New England Patriots stayed up past his bedtime on Tuesday night to watch President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. And the pro football player – who’s heading to the Super Bowl soon – shared his reactions to the event on Twitter.

Before the speech began, Ochocinco tweeted, “I can’t go to sleep what time is the State of the Union Address?” (The wide receiver said he’s usually asleep by 8 o’clock.)

“Not being rude but if they stand up and clap on every statement Obama says this could go on well over 3 hours,” he wrote once the president started speaking.

Observing that House Speaker John Boehner was not among those cheerfully applauding, Ochocinco remarked: “Anybody notice the guy over Obamas left shoulder doesn’t seem very happy and he’s not smiling. He’s not clapping with joy.”

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