It seems like these days President Barack Obama has the midas touch. The economy appears to be rebounding. His State of the Union speech was very well received. And his surprisingly strong singing chops have helped improve the sales of soul legend Al Green. MTV reports:

Sure, clean energy, the return of manufacturing, a boost in education spending
 and saving the domestic car industry are awesome ways to revive the American economy. But another tactic President Obama might consider is more singing.

Because a week after the falsetto singer-in-chief unleashed his version of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” at an Apollo Theater fundraiser, sales of the good Rev.’s most iconic hit have taken off.

According to Billboard magazine, the viral video of the President singing the first line of the #1 hit from 1972 boosted sales of the song by 490 percent. In fact, the tune had its best week since SoundScan began tracking digital sales in 2003, with 16,000 downloads. The YouTube video of the impromptu recital has been viewed more than 4 million times.

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