Fox News host Sean Hannity recently made the incendiary claim that President Obama never really wanted Al Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden dead. Hannity acknowledges how the public credits Obama for bin Laden’s death. However Hannity claims if Obama had it his way that it would have never happened insists he has proof on tape according to The Huffington Post.

Oh, really? That would sure be interesting. You see, if President Barack Obama really didn’t want to take out bin Laden, he sure had an odd way of showing it. The easiest way to avoid going after bin Laden would be to say something like — I don’t know … bin Laden is “one person” and that you “really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you.” Which isn’t necessarily the height of awfulness, mind you, there’s numerous ways to confront al Qaeda and the threat they represent.

But killing bin Laden, nevertheless, seems for all the world like something Obama was really into doing. As ABC News reported, the president “authorized the development of a plan for the United States to bomb bin Laden’s compound with two B-2 stealth bombers dropping a few dozen 2,000-pound bombs” back in March. But when it became clear that this mission would preclude any possibility of obtaining physical evidence to attest to bin Laden’s demise, the plan was scrapped in favor of what would become “Operation Geronimo” — the riskier Navy Seals raid on the compound. And to that end, a replica of bin Laden’s compound was erected at Bagram Air Force Base’s “Camp Alpha.” There, the Seals practiced the raid, making two dry runs in April ahead of the May mission..

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