Should black women boycott Nicki Minaj?

There is a video floating around the internet of a man calling for a boycott of Nicki Minaj, mainly because of her alleged disparaging lyrics and the potential effect it may have on black women and girls.

According to this nameless guy, who posted this seven minute compilation video of various Minaj lyrics combined with his own commentary, Minaj should be boycotted because of the anti-black woman themes present in her music. Minaj calls black women banana-eating chimpanzees and “nappy-headed hos,” which he equates to the racist rhetoric of Don Imus and the ease of mainstream society to treat black features as unattractive. The nameless petitioner says that the point of the boycott is to “teach our sisters, our mothers, our girlfriends, our daughters, what have you, to love themselves.”

I can certainly understand and appreciate the sentiment of this video. I’ve been pretty much boycotting Minaj since she first hit the scene. Not so much for her questionable libretto but because I have been unable to grasp how she went from hood chick, spitting straight up street lyricism to raunchy Lil’ Kim knockoff to Lady Gaga protege in the matter of one album. Seriously, either she has perfected the crossover in ways that M.C. Hammer could only dream or she is one hell of an actress and someone needs to get her an Oscar.

WATCH: Video asks for African American women to boycott Nicki Minaj

My personalized annoyance at her music aside, I do get and appreciate the point the brother was making in the video. Personally I don’t like the whole Barbie doll persona nor the hyper-sexualized representations in her music, especially since her entire Barbie doll aesthetic, with its bright color and whimsical styling, is only attractive to young impressionable girls, who are trying to make sense of their budding bodies and minds. Not to mention being in the company of Scaffbreezy aka Safaree, her little side kick/hype man/possible boyfriend, who has a song out called “KKK (I Don’t Like Ni**as)”.

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