Rep. Joe Walsh: Tea Party favorite calls Obama a 'sexy Messiah'

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Eccentric Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh has become infamous for his harsh invective directed at the president, but even he can admit that Barack Obama is “sexy.” When comparing the president against his likely general election foe, Walsh admitted that Romney is “boring” compared to Obama, whom he called a “sexy Messiah.” Huffington Post reports:

The always outspoken U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh once again stressed the importance of getting President Obama out of office in an interview with Politico — adding that a “boring” candidate like Mitt Romney will be better than a “sexy Messiah.”

Walsh, a Tea Party-backed Republican who is in a vulnerable position come November, has repeatedly said defeating the president should be the top priority of Republicans in 2012, whether or not they like the GOP candidates.

“If the name Mitt Romney doesn’t exactly get you all fired up, tough,” Walsh told a group of supporters last week. “If Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum or Ron Paul … if you don’t think he’s the great savior that’s gonna deliver this America back to us … tough! I can tell you, whoever my nominee is, if it’s Mitt Romney, doesn’t matter to me. I am gonna run through a wall to get that person elected.”

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