Detective Gescard Isnora, one of the NYPD officers who shot and killed the unarmed Sean Bell — who was exiting a Queens strip club following his bachelor party in 2006 when officers mistakenly thought he reached for a weapon — plans to take legal action after being fired last Friday for his involvement in the incident, according to his lawyer. WNYC reports on the story:

A New York City detective who was fired on Friday for his role in connection to the 2006 shooting death of an unarmed man as he left his bachelor party plans to pursue legal action, according to his lawyer Philip E. Karasyk.

Detective Gescard Isnora, an 11-year-veteran, will also forfeit his pension — the financial equivalent up to $2 million dollars plus benefits over his lifetime had he remained on the force for the mandatory 20 years of service, said Karasyk.

“The decision by the police commissioner was arbitrary and capricious,” said Karasyk, who is evaluating Isnora’s options under state and federal law.

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