Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant increase in mental health issues and homelessness across the country. As a result, more cities and states are turning to the same kind of measures Mayor Adams is using.

The recent plan to remove mentally ill people off the streets of New York City has garnered mixed reactions. Mayor

/ December 22, 2022

The body of a veteran NYPD officer was found after he went missing Sunday while on vacation in Guyana. Officer

/ November 3, 2022
NYPD theGRIO.com

NEW YORK (AP) — An early-morning shooting Monday at a gathering in Harlem left a man dead and eight other

/ June 20, 2022
NYPD theGRIO.com

After a New York City chief detective testified in 2018 that the city police department’s widely criticized gang database was

/ May 8, 2022

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has fulfilled a campaign pledge to revive a controversial NYPD gun crime task force

/ March 17, 2022
Rikers Island theGrio.com

Hip-hop producer Derrick Harris served a four-year jail sentence for a sexual assault case in which all charges were later

/ March 5, 2022
Two NYPD Officers Shot In Harlem

New York City Mayor Eric Adams apologized on Friday for referring to white New York Police Department officers as “crackers”

/ February 5, 2022