Allen West: American 'republic will collapse' under Obama

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In an interview with Conservative New Media, Rep. Allen West said that Obama and Democrats aren’t really addressing the debt crisis in America. He then went on to draw a parallel between an ancient political ideology and the current situation, saying, ” It’s much the same as Alexis de Tocqueville talked about in ‘Democracy In America’ — that this American republic will collapse once Congress and obviously our president realizes they can bribe the public by using the public’s treasury,” West said. The Huffington Post reports on the story:

Days after stirring the political pot by calling Democratic members of Congress communists, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) was back in front of a microphone, taking aim at President Barack Obama’s performance in handling the debt crisis.

Conservative New Media caught up with West at Palm Beach County’s Tea Party “Tax Day” event on Sunday. The freshman congressman was asked whether Obama and Democrats were really addressing the debt crisis. He answered no, linking some ancient political thinking to the modern situation.

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