Usain Bolt, fastest man alive, wants to 'stun the world' (VIDEO)

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Just one year after he won the Olympic gold metal in Beijing, China, Jamaican track star and the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, dropped over one tenth of a second off of his record in the 100 meter race. He spoke with NBC News about wanting to ‘stun the world,’ Jamaican work ethic, and training for future gold.

“When they turn their TV off, after this race, they should sit back in their chair for a minute and think about what just happen. I want to just wow people…just stun the world,” Bolt says.

This summer, he will train in hopes of repeating that impressive record time from four years ago, and to gain a spot on Jamaica’s four by four relay team.

When asked about Jamaican work ethic, and the common American conception that Jamaicans are “laid back,” Bolt told NBC News that Jamaicans are just as determined as he is when it comes to athletics.

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“We want to be the best,” he says, “It’s a great motivation to know that the country looks forward to it.”

Jamaicans are passionate about track and field, which is a long-standing tradition on the Island. The modest practice facility where Bolt trains in Jamaica, is crowded with young men and women who aspire to follow in the superstar’s footsteps.

Louis Johnson, ABC Sports’ track and field corespondent, tells NBC News that Bolt remains humble because he continues to train alongside athletes of all levels.

“I think it does [make him better], because he is always reminded of his roots. He has to come back to the grass fields of Jamaica, with the blue mountains in the background, with a coach that’s not going to show him any mercy, but treat him just like he does the other youngsters,” Johnson says, “because he understands as big a star as Bolt is, around the world, he still must be reminded that it takes this training, this basic understanding, that you have to come and put in the work.”