Prime Minister Andrew Holness won’t face charges over possible conflict of interest in contracts awarded to a construction company.
/ February 17, 2023
U.S. Hosts IX Summit Of The Americas In Los Angeles
Jamaica’s Integrity Commission has revealed a possible conflict of interest involving the prime minister and contracts awarded to a construction company.
/ February 16, 2023
Usain Bolt
Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt said he has fired his business manager as $12.7 million goes mission, adding that it was not an amicable split.
/ January 28, 2023
Usain Bolt thegrio.com
Attorneys for Usain Bolt say the star athlete’s account has dwindled to just $12,000.
/ January 24, 2023
Everton McFarlane was forced to resign as head of Financial Services Commission amid one of the largest fraud scandals to hit Jamaica.
/ January 22, 2023
Jamaica’s prime minister declared a widespread state of emergency Tuesday to fight a surge in gang violence on an island with one of the highest murder rates in the region.
/ December 8, 2022
Tyrone Downie
Tyrone Downie, keyboardist for Bob Marley and The Wailers, died Saturday at a hospital in his native Jamaica; he was 66.
/ November 10, 2022