During the sit down portion of his one-man Las Vegas live show Mike Tyson spoke to ESPN’s Rick Reilly. He said that he did not include going to Vietnam of getting a jail official pregnant during his widely publicized perfromance. Tyson spoke about being arrested 38 times by age 13 and being convicted for rape in 1992. USA Today reports:

ESPN.com’s Rick Reilly is the latest of many to produce a take on Mike Tyson’s live show in Las Vegas.

And while much of his version is predictable, there is one new tidbit, straight out of the “Only Mike Tyson” catalog.

During the sit-down portion of their interview, Tyson discloses this about what he didn’t put into his standup routine:

“I didn’t talk about Vietnam, or getting a jail official pregnant, or stuff.”

When Reilly asks for an explanation Tyson adds only that, “It just happened, yeah.”

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