Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, our forever FLOTUS, is headed to Vietnam and Malaysia this month to draw attention to girls’ education.

/ December 3, 2019
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OPINION - My job is about passion. It’s a passion to lead. It’s a passion to succeed. And it’s a

/ May 24, 2014
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MIAMI (AP) — Melvin Morris was commanding a strike force on a mission near Chi Lang, South Vietnam, when his

/ February 22, 2014
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OPINION - To put Dr. King in an American reality of a decade more or war in the Middle East,

/ August 28, 2013
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ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (AP) — A central Kentucky theater owner who trained pilots during the Vietnam War is refusing to show

/ August 22, 2013
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theGRIO REPORT - Whoopi Goldberg faced a barrage of angry and insulting tweets from Mitt Romney supporters following a segment

/ October 20, 2012
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VIDEO - They look like a gathering of the United Nations, but you can just call them the Seitz Senior

/ June 6, 2012